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Islam means peace and submission to one God and the belief that the sole purpose of our existence is to worship God.  This submission gives great inner peace and purpose to its followers.  Full acceptance of this, with the knowledge that every action one takes has a consequence in an eternal after life, has profound effects on one?s behaviour.

Islam is a complete way of life, but what does this actually mean?

Islam permeates every aspect of one?s life and being; how you conduct yourself at work, how you treat family and friends, even in the way you do business.  At the same time it allows for great variation in cultures across the world, personal growth and individual opinion.

The worship of God is not restricted to mosques alone but is in all aspects of life and work.  In this way advances in science, exploration, art and discovering the mysteries of the world, all done with the intention of understanding God and his creation, are all acts of worshiping him.  It was this philosophy that encouraged great Muslim scholars of the past to seek knowledge to improve the human condition.

The unifying belief in one God brings Muslims from all over the world together as one family.  When a Muslim passes another Muslim in the street, they will greet each other with ?Salaam-Peace.?

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Assalamu Alaikum Peace Be With You

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