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For several years there has been a need for Muslims to counteract the negative image of Islam with the truth. This negative image has come about because of the actions of terrorists who call themselves Muslims and the general media reaction. It is one that the majority of Muslims do not recognise. So a group of people got together to do something about this.

The people involved in the ?Islam is Peace Campaign? are all volunteers who share a vision of a diverse, all inclusive and strong Britain. They come from various backgrounds including medicine, education, civil service, consulting, and the voluntary sector. Some are housewives who have directly experienced Islamaphobia and felt the need to make a change. The uniting belief amongst the ever growing number of volunteers is that no one should be allowed to associate the acts of criminals with the peaceful message of Islam.

If you would like to work with us, irrespective of your faith (or no faith) please get in touch with us.

Let's make Britain stronger together.

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